Prophetic Words for 2020

Prophetic Words for 2020

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How do we prepare for 2020 and beyond?

God reveals insight from Heaven to His prophets in order to prepare His people for what's coming. How do we prepare for 2020 and the New Era ahead? We hear and heed the prophetic words being released, pray through them, and ask the Holy Spirit for strategy on how to practically partner with these words to see fulfillment.

Larry Sparks, publisher of Destiny Image and prophetic Bible teacher, has a vision to connect the body of Christ with the words of the prophets. This is meant to fuel intercession and mobilization.

Including 18 chapter-long prophetic words from globally recognized prophets and emerging prophetic leaders, featuring:

  • What God is doing with America, the Nations, the 2020 Election and Beyond
  • An Era of “Holy Power”, a Pivot Year and Warfare against the spirit of Evolution
  • The Christ-Configured Church and Demoniac Nations
  • “Five Ways the Devil is Trying to Turn Christianity Upside Down”
  • A Second American Revolutionary War, Civil War and the Emergence of Spiritual Champions
  • The Year of “Bold Faith” and Uprooting the Fear of Man
  • 8 Powerful Prophetic Proclamations for the New Era!
  • And More!
  • As one prophet has said, "prophetic words are often an invitation, not an inevitability." God is looking for people who will partner with Heaven to see His Kingdom purposes come to pass in the Earth. Will you take your place?